The St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (NYI) is an advanced study program organized every July in St. Petersburg, Russia at St. Petersburg State University.  NYI 13 will be held July 13-31, 2015


Participants take seminars with international scholars in a range of fields, especially those that do not fall neatly into traditional discipline areas. 2015 will be the 13th year of NYI.  Since 2003, over 1000 participants from 40 countries and 50 Russian Federation cities have received certificates for completing the NYI Summer Seminar Program.


Participants create a program design unique to their own interests, choosing 4 or 5 seminars from among the following fields:  


Generative Linguistics

Comparative Cultural and Media Studies 

Cognitive Psychology 

Media, Film, and Politics 

Literature & Performance Studies

NYI is a program of St. Petersburg State University, organized in cooperation with the State University of New York at Stony Brook.







Background:  NYI believes that traditional academic boundaries inadvertently prevent young intellectuals from engaging many important areas of modern inquiry which do not fall neatly into disciplinary frames, including the cognitive sciences, which study the workings of the human mind, and critical cultural studies, which concentrate on comparative aspects of human societies.  NYI is proud to have gathered an international group of faculty who are not only specialists in their fields, but also have experience working in intercultural environments and teaching in non-English speaking countries.  



NYI would like to express its eternal gratitude to our supporters and partners:  

• St. Petersburg State University:

--Office of International Programs 

--School of Philology and Arts

--Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

• Stony Brook University:

--Office of International Academic Programs

--Office of the Provost

--Department of Linguistics

• SUNY Central Administration, Office of International Programs  

• St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation

• The Consulate General of the United States, St. Petersburg 

The "Mosty" Cultural Foundation

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