the international school
for the study of universals and contrasts
July 10-28, 2017

Final application deadline: May 15

early deadline applicants will be informed of their status by April 21

NYI announces our new faculty:

John E. Drury, Stony Brook University

Veneeta Dayal, Rutgers University

Maria Kuvaldina, SUNY Farmingdale / St. Petersburg State University

Xhercis Méndez, Michigan State University

Tim Moran, Stony Brook University

Marc van Oostendorp, Meertens Instituut (Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences)

Denis Paperno, CRNS / University of Lorraine

Timothy Portice, Middlebury College

Omer Preminger, University of Maryland

Tanya Scott, SUNY College of Staten Island

NYI announces our returning faculty:

John F. Bailyn, Stony Brook University

Asma Barlas, Ithaca College

Jonathan Bobaljik, University of Connecticut

Polly Gannon, St. Petersburg State University

Dijana Jelača, Fordham University

Nikolay Karkov, SUNY Cortland

Ulises Mejias, SUNY Oswego

Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Sciences

Maria Polinsky, University of Maryland

Katharina Wiedlack, University of Vienna

Susi Wurmbrand, University of Connecticut