• Cult-H: On Men and Manhood: Thinking beyond Hegemonic Masculinity

    (Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

    This Seminar is available to all students. No background required. Recommended for students interested in gender studies and cultural studies.

    This course seeks to problematize the firm connection between manhood, violence and nationhood as the “natural” framework to think about men and masculinity. It focuses on institutions and situations which both rely on and produce hegemonic masculinity – such as military, boarding school, war, post-conflict societies, or life in ghettoized neighbourhoods, exposing the unexpected effects of and alternatives to hegemonic masculinities, and highlighting complex ways in which men and these institutions and situations shape each other. It invites for sensitivity for feelings and moods that usually go unnoticed in this hegemonic framework. Exploring ethnographic and visual material from different parts of the world, we will discuss men’s sentimentality and affection, pain, humiliation, physical and mental illness as constitutive to masculinity.