• Cog-B. Bioethics: questions on consciousness and cognition

    (Maria Kuvaldina, SUNY Farmingdale and St. Petersburg State University)

    This class is available for all students with interest in cognitive psychology or philosophy

    Bioethics explores some of the most fascinating and difficult moral challenges we face in medicine and technologies.  Partially these challenges intersect with the fast developing field of cognitive science.  The questions like  “Can a machine ever be conscious?”, “What is animal intelligence?”, “Could we improve our memory with direct brain stimulation?”  could be addressed both from the cognitive and bioethical perspective. The course brings together modern and historical ideas to give a perspective on how the problem of  bioethics in consciousness studies  could be addressed. Each topic presents a question that we will try to answer and  students will try their hand at participating in  substantial and philosophically rigorous debates. Each topic includes reading part, demonstration of effects and experiments and a small task that could be done in class or at home.