• Ling-B: Meaning Across Modalities

    (Maria Esipova, University of Oslo)

    M/W/F 10:00-11:00 am (NY time)

    This course will explore how meaning is expressed through various channels in spoken and written communication (words and their parts, gestures, facial expressions, prosody, modulations of typed and handwritten text, emoji), and how the various bits of meaning thus expressed come together at different levels of representation. We will start by situating meaning and its expression within a coherent architecture of grammar, after which we will go over some broad types of meaning that can be expressed by humans (low-level intersective modifiers, high adjuncts, degree modifiers, affective and social meanings, etc.), examining channel-independent universals of meaning composition as well as channel-specific constraints on meaning expression as we go. Time permitting, we will also look at how meaning is encoded in pictorial representations and ask how we can talk about meaning in systems whose primary function is not communication, focusing on athletic movement.